New Skills

As we move toward the “green” economy — products, services, technologies and business processes that are more environmentally-friendly, it’s time to think about our own skills sets. This applies to managers, employees, suppliers and even our customers.  Here are some of the topics you might want to consider for YOUR organization:

  • Life Cycle Analysis (for products and services you buy as well as those you produce)
  • Energy Conservation (for operations)
  • Environmental Management (for all areas of environmental impact from your operations as well as potentially those of your suppliers)
  • Green Building Design, Operations and Maintenance (to make — over time — your facilities a strategic asset in your organization’s brand)
  • Footprint Analysis (so you will know how environmentally sustainable your organization is)
  • Product/Service Design (to uncover areas where you can move your products and services to “greener” market spaces)
  • Market Research (to understand new market segments with that greener hue and how to reach them).

And don’t forget: many of the same skills that you will find useful at work will also pay off at home.